Group Training: The training we offer in group sessions is personalized for each of our members. The reason we call it “group training” is because the trainer will train up to 5 members at the same time. Each member, however, can follow a different training program, adapted to their own needs.

Personal Training: Personal training/exercise is the method of exercise where the trainee exercises alone or with a couple, i.e. one to one or at most 2nd person.

The trainee is guided and supervised by the personal trainer, having the opportunity to personalize the programs and enjoying the most modern methods, perfectly adapted to his personal needs.

Programs can be designed to combine our specialized services such as Tai Chi, Self Defense, Pilates TrampoTrim and Injury Rehabilitation.Personal training practitioners can do any combination they want. For more pricing information and a combination of services, ask one of the Fit 4U coaches.

The pricing for One to One assumes that you book a specific time and a specific trainer for 2-3 times a week. In case the trainee needs daily training, you can arrange this with one of the Fit 4U coaches.

For individual lessons without subscriptions, the prices are for the group: €15 per lesson, personal: €30 per lesson.

All our programs are tailored to your needs.

See our programs in detail here